Announcing Third Eye Crime

Hello, Internet. It’s been a while. 668 days to be exact. Where have we been? Pff, come on, Internet. Where haven’t we been?

But never mind for now the hows, and the whys and the heretofores. We have a game to announce!

Coming this spring to the iPad, Moonshot gives you:

Third Eye Crime

What’s all this then?

The Dame

Master art thief Rothko has a unique gift: the ability to read minds. With this talent he can infiltrate any location, make off with any prize. But he has attracted the attention of a shadowy master criminal known only as “Caravaggio,” and he is about to be pulled into a city-wide conspiracy. But who is behind it all? And who is playing whom?

Third Eye Crime is Moonshot’s unique take on the stealth/puzzle genre. Use Rothko’s telepathic abilities to sneak your way through 8 chapters of crafty, heisty fun. Outplay and outwit clever AI that are hell-bent on keeping their stuff!

Featuring gorgeous noir-inspired graphic novel interstitials and an original soulful jazz soundtrack, Third Eye Crime is a fiendishly clever stealth puzzle game with a serious noir twist.


That’s right, our new project is an iPad Game Noir about a telepathic art thief. Of what does this telepathic power consist? And how does it affect gameplay? Good questions, reader, and ones that will surely be answered to your satisfaction with time. For now, feast your eyes on some of these in-game screens and sweet interstitial art.

new4-mod new3-mod


Coming Spring 2013





4 Comments to Announcing Third Eye Crime

  1. Jupiter Jazz  —  01.27.13 at 12:42 am | Permalink

    You may or may not have heard other folks banging on about this, but – any plans for a PC release? This sounds like wicked cool game, but I, alas, am not quite ready to sell my soul to Apple.

  2. Matt  —  01.27.13 at 6:13 pm | Permalink

    Looks cool! Always glad to see more games with a noir aesthetic.

    Does this mean Fallen Frontier is toast, or might we see that return at a later date?

  3. Damian  —  01.28.13 at 8:26 am | Permalink

    It’s pretty much toast, unfortunately Matt!