What Ever Happened to Fallen Frontier?

Since announcing our new game, Third Eye Crime, we’ve gotten one question with some frequency. “Yes, 3eC sounds life-changingly amazing, and I will definitely be buying it. But what ever happened to Fallen Frontier?”

Glad you asked. Our friends at Joystiq asked as well, and a little while ago they posted a story on just that topic.

You can read about our “mobile resurrection” here.

I want to add just one thing to what they said: when we were starting Moonshot, we talked a lot about our ideal project scale. Remember, we had all just been working on fairly massive, 3-year, 200+ person AAA stuff. And those games can be amazing. But with Moonshot we wanted to do something different. We wanted to be small. I approximated it as “5 people working for a year.”

Here’s why that’s an interesting scale: it’s enough people that you can extract truly high quality work form a variety of specialists. It’s few enough that decisions can still be bold, and be taken quickly, and there’s no politics. A year is long enough to do something substantial. But it’s short enough to put the fear of God in you, and force you to make hard decisions, and impose the kinds of temporal constraints that ultimately lead to a much greater final product.

For various reason, Fallen Frontier had grown larger then our ideal project size — mostly because games in the console download space itself had grown larger and more elaborate. Between then and now, something happened: we became convinced that really great and deep gameplay experiences could be had on the mobile platforms, especially tablet.

And that’s how we come to Third Eye Crime. A game that is, in the end, far closer to our ideal project than anything we’ve worked on before.