Moonshot going into cryo, but The Molasses Flood rises…

Hello internet – A bittersweet day: today Moonshot Games is closing down for the foreseeable future. It was a fun run. Though it never made it through full production, we were proud of Fallen Frontier. We were also proud of Third Eye Crime, which did, and has found lots of fans all over the world. We’ll [...]

Third Eye Crime: For Science!

Little might you have known, dear Internet, that aside from the fun and brain-twisting challenge of Third Eye Crime, there’s also some honest-to-goodness Science in there! Last week, Boston was lucky enough to host the AIIDE conference — that’s the Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment conference — and Moonshot was on-hand to show off [...]

Behind the Scenes: Creating a 3eC Level

Hey Internet — Thought you might be curious about how we create levels for Third Eye Crime. This video condenses two and a half hours of creating a single level into about 7 minutes.     Destined for Chapter 5 (“The Hall of Records”), this level serves as a reinforcement for the “proximity door” object [...]

What Ever Happened to Fallen Frontier?

Since announcing our new game, Third Eye Crime, we’ve gotten one question with some frequency. “Yes, 3eC sounds life-changingly amazing, and I will definitely be buying it. But what ever happened to Fallen Frontier?” Glad you asked. Our friends at Joystiq asked as well, and a little while ago they posted a story on just [...]

Third Eye Crime in the 2013 Pax East Indie Showcase

“Come on,” you’re saying. “Nothing in like two years, then two posts in one day?” Hey, when it rains, it pours. Besides, we have more news to share. We’re happy and very honored to announce that Third Eye Crime is an official selection of the 2013 PAX East Indie Showcase! Which means we will be [...]

Announcing Third Eye Crime

Hello, Internet. It’s been a while. 668 days to be exact. Where have we been? Pff, come on, Internet. Where haven’t we been? But never mind for now the hows, and the whys and the heretofores. We have a game to announce! Coming this spring to the iPad, Moonshot gives you: What’s all this then? [...]