The Moonshot Crew



Christian Baekkelund — Designer
Michal Hlavac — Art Director
Damián Isla — Co-Founder & President
Mike McCain — Artist
Rob Stokes — Co-Founder & Creative Director


Damián Isla

Co-Founder & President

Damián loves games.He loves ‘em so much he’s been making them (and writing about them) for over ten years. He loves ‘em so much he started Moonshot with his friends Rob and Michel in order to see what could happen when a very small and unbelievably talented team locked itself in a room for a couple years to make something special together.

Before Moonshot, Damián was AI and Gameplay Engineering Lead at Bungie Studios, where he was responsible for the AI for the mega-hit first-person shooters Halo 2 and Halo 3. In his 7 years at Bungie, he worked on many aspects of the vaunted “Halo sandbox”, as well as on animation and character-physics tech. He was also a contributor to Halo’s story development process.

A world expert in the field of AI for games, Damián has spoken on games, AI and character technology at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), at the Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference (AIIDE), and at Siggraph, among many other academic and industry venues, and is a frequent speaker at the Game Developers Conference.

Before joining the industry, Damián earned a Masters Degree at the MIT Media Lab, where he did research on learning and behavior for synthetic characters. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science, also from MIT.

Damián is a history buff and an amateur playwright, and is a great lover of plays in which people are mean to one another.

Christian Baekkelund


After studying Computer Science and Comparative Media Studies at MIT, Christian Baekkelund entered the game industry and has held positions in design, production, QA, and engineering.  He has worked at several game companies, including Electronic Arts, Harmonix, 38 Studios, Demiurge Studios, and Subatomic Studios, on a range of game genres, including music games, sports games, puzzle games, and massively-multiplayer fantasy RPGs.  He has also written on the topics of design and artificial intelligence for games (AI Game Programming Wisdom series) and spoken at the GDC and PAX East.  Recently, Christian has been working on mobile games for Subatomic Studios (TinkerBox) and now on Third Eye Crime for Moonshot Games.

Michal Hlavac

Art Director

I am a bio.

Rob Stokes

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Rob Stokes is an accomplished game designer and writer with ten years experience in the games industry.

Rob spent five years at Bungie Studios, working as a designer and writer on Halo 2 and Halo 3. On Halo 3, he was a design lead, responsible for the campaign/story design process and the management of the level designers who brought the game’s vision to life. He also personally laid the groundwork for nearly all of the writing in the Halo 3 campaign.

Prior to joining the games industry, Rob attended the American Film Institute, where he received an MFA in writing. Before that, he attended M.I.T., where he earned a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering. It was there that Rob crossed paths with Damián Isla. Years later, they would reunite, first at Bungie, and now as co-founders of Moonshot Games.

Rob spends his spare time on a variety of writing projects, including children’s books, comics, screenplays, and novels.

Mike McCain


Mike McCain is an up-and-coming Seattle artist with a passion for games and visual storytelling. At Moonshot, he’s hard at work building a strong company identity and painting pretty pictures for the studio’s top secret project.

In 2007, Mike graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Washington and landed a job working with Michel at Fyreball (now Meteor Solutions). As the company’s sole designer, Mike quickly became a key member of the team, donning multiple hats as a designer, developer, and sales engineer. He rode the startup roller coaster for two years and emerged better, stronger, faster.

In his spare time, Mike likes to make short animated films with a group of fellow CG-industry artists. Their latest work is a stop-motion short about a foolhardy spy, titled The Bronson Maneuver. The film has been very well received and may yet win them some cool awards.

He also enjoys camping, painting and watching Star Wars. To see more of Mike’s work, visit